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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 15, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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2 morning news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> well, good morning to you, welcome to a brand-new day, it is october 15th, i am dave clark. >> we want to check your weather and traffic this morning starting with steve. >> thank you. >> we have some thick fog out there, it is not widespread but there are areas there is a sign, mostly inland areas are revisiting 80s, here is sal. highway 4 looks good, no major problems, also everything looks good in oakland let's go back to the desk. police are investigating a deadly overnight shooting. it happened on 57th avenue
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which is where we have alex savage and a lot of questions surrounding the case. >> reporter: they are trying to find witnesses, although a sergeant i spoke with said witness withs have been hard to come by -- witness withs have been hard to come by here. it happened on this section of sidewalk. this is on the part of oakland street. when officers arrived, they found a man with several gunshot wounds and he was unresponsive. investigators have not identified the victim in this case and obviously police continue to be out here for a good while longer.
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we will also find out more about this develop and police are trying to find his killer. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. it happened on 7th and filbert streets. the suspects kept shooting and eventually ran into the lobby of a building. police are trying to figure out if there were multiple shooters. the shooting happened at the same apartment building where it happened earlier this month. four men got out of their car and opened fire. a serial arsonist may have been captured. she was seen deliberately
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starting a fire in a garbage can saturday night. investigators may link the woman to other fires. the chevron fire has been lurked to -- linked to a previous incident in a large fire since august. a small consideration they told safety workers this what taking a toll. they are hoping to bounce back after losing game one. allie rasmus is out at at&t park right now where game 2 will be played and allie, some giants fans are not worried but they are looking forward to
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this game. good morning. they are untaunted, -- undaunted, optimistic. they are looking ahead at game 2 for the national league series. >> it is already, we have the next familiar. it if it takes five games we will bin 5. >> they did start to make a come back. but they could not pull off a win they were stopped after the four runs and ending score of -- 6- 4. it is surprising for fans and fans are hopping to
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refurbish that and you can watch it on ktvu channel 2 morning news. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and as you can see today's game, the entire national league series, we will start at 5:00. president barack obama and mitt romney will be facing off in their second debate tomorrow night. i want and the fine line, he will be needing more in this debate than the other one. he will need to raise taxes for the initiative starting tomorrow. proposition 30 will raise taxes pie a quarter percent for the next four years and would raise income taxes for those earning
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more than $50,000 a year and would prevent further cuts in education. san francisco transportation officials will consider making two busy streets safer for bicyclists. they have a third up with and more people owould considered bike delays. if it is approved, dozens of parking spaces would be lost. >> that would be controversial. let's go over to sal and see how traffic is picking up at this hour. good morning, guys, traffic is picking up but it is not that bad. she have steve aand i are looking at different something and you can see there is
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traffic in the -- they are looking at something different and you can see there is traffic in the area. i think they could have beaten the raiders. >> i watched the raiders game, they should have won. >> they should have. >> all right. go for the field goal. i don't know anyway. higher clouds are going to the north, any rain stay , i tell you, we have not had any rain from the north. well with, we had the shower activity, not everyone on got in on it. if anything, when i say sap
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rose to -- san rosa to san jose. and there is not much of a component of a sea breeze and that means a lot of fog will be around, 50s and 60s, and it is a little on the mild side. first morning you can see your breath but it does not take long to get back from the lower 40s to 50s because there is a lot of moisture in the air but then higher clouds. we are looking for a slight warmup, inland areas will come back, -- mostly sunny and even the coast looks good and it looks nice but cooler. steve, time now 50 . why a
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plane headed for sir why.$♪$>>. >> and the latest legal battle on marijuana. and we will tell you more about the fog and morning commute coming up, stay tuned for more news weather and traffic. ♪
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if it was searched they were looking for possible equipped. european foreign ministers were looking for tougher sanctions. they are expected to take action and the new measures will affect iranian banks, trade and for the first time communications but they say they are doing this for peaceful purposes. they have attempted the kidnapping of a 13-year-old boy but it was a false alarm. she said a man in a blue car tried to kidnap her son but now they are saying they were trying to use the boy to get the attention of his ex- girlfriend. this was concerning a lot of people because it happened where 10-year-old jessica ridgway was kidnapped and
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killed last week. really tightening ahead of the debate in new york. allison burns is live in our washington d.c. newsroom to tell us how mitt romney's campaign is gaining steam. here is more. >> reporter: they show president barack obama's lead is shrinking and he is up by just a point while another poll of battleground states shows mitt romney in the lead. they met with some campaign volunteers in virginia yesterday. he is hunkered down for tomorrow night's town hall debate while they prepared closer to his home in boston. he is taking on one of the presidents new line of attack. >> they have gone down by $4,300 per family. at times like this, what is he
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talking about? >> reporter: he was criticized for being too flat and last time he was criticized for being too animated. vice-president joseph biden's son is defending his dad's performance. >> my father spoke clearly to the american people about the fact. >> we will look at why there is another controversy about this week's moderator during my next debate. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and tomorrow's debate is at 6:00 p.m., you can watch it live right here on channel 3 and make sure you stay tuned for reaction and analysis right here on channel 2. they are arguing for looser sanctions for medical
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marijuana. they are challenging the schedule 1 classification. it is a classification for drugs which have a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use. the court of appeals for columbia will decide the case. they have approved avail line connecting sonoma and soil testings were issued. the sonoma rail transit district acknowledged this and say stricter rules are in place. a 28-year-old from sweden won his first pg&e tour right here in the bay area. he rolled a 4-foot putt right there and won in san martinez.
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he took home along with his hugs $500,000. let's go to sal. how bad is it out there this monday new york. >> not too -- monday morning? not too bad, no major trouble although steve has been mentioning the fog and it tends to move around. so be aware of it also the morning commute looks good and there isn't any fog here but nearby there is. off to a decent start here, no trouble on the way to fso. very thick fog and i was looking at the webcam as, they have three webcam as and it is
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fog city -- webcams, and it looks like fog city all the way down. high pressure is pulling in slowly monday tuesday and more so on wednesday thursday. the city -- system is wiping out the fog, fso was 10 and now it is calm. a lot of moisture is in the area, that is not the case now. the dew point a lot of moisture in the air and these higher clouds will thin out and it will be mostly sunny this be a rather warm with week. they it looks good to go.
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and it will give us more of a westerly breeze and it will be a nice weekend but it will also be cooler. let's go back to the desk. they will offer $20 billion for sprint nextel and it will be the highest price any japanese company would deal with a take over. and stocks have been in negative territory when they announced it was made official. general pan's nikkei closed up a half of a percent and the european stocks opened with gains. it was the worst week in four months on wall street and these are the numbers on 5 and
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somebody are rebounding tie. it is a very important piece of south bay history. >> and it is now at its final home and you can see it on display. also, get the top stories sent straight to your cell phone. get your k. your wake-up call every day on your cell phone.
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. the student who fell out of a building, it happened on beverly drive. police say alcohol and horseplay was involved. now he suffered a serious head injury and reportedly he is in stable condition. three people were hurt in an off-road vehicle that crashed. it happened yesterday afternoon. two of the victims were so badly hurt they had to be airlifted to the hospital in walnut creek. they rolled over a steep trail, still no word on what caused the crash or the names of the
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victims. it happened in the santa cruz mountains. the open space district will consider three options for the tower, taking it down, destroying everything but the first four walls or sealing the building up. they are hoping the third option will work and it will be sealed while money is raised to preserve it. the space shuttle endeavor is now in its new home. endeavor arrived at the california science center. in order to fit, streets had to be cut down and arranging this journey... >> it's nice to see these shuttles will be displayed proudly. >> it will be going on public
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display. and a boat crashed spilling hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel. it happened near the may have surf break. they ran into rocks early saturday morning. the coast guard was able to rescue the people on the water and they are now recovering. he did it again. that is chuck yeager. marking the 5 the anniversary with another super fast ride. this time he rode in the back of '5 up 15 hazard and he did the same thing in the same place. time now 524 they can they
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can, good to see you didn't. >> you know it has been a good week so far and hopefully we will have another good week, we had a couple of rough day, this morning we are not having any problems. and maybe you will run into fog if you are driving any distance. southbound and 280 looks good heading to the valley. 5:24 let's go to steve. from santa rose a all the -- santa rosa all the way to san jose, it looks lousezy, 60s and 70s and the temperatures are coming up a little, here is dave. still ahead, bart trains
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are on time but there was a trespasser. today we could find out if an upcoming super bowl could be played here. plus reports of an overnight shooting, stay tuned. good morning! wow.
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i am dave clark. the time is now 5:28, we will turn to steve, the fog is forming. >> lots of fog is forming and no doubt about it, it is not taking any favorites, in fact very foggy around san jose. mostly sunny today, temperatures are warming up a little bit, after the fog burns off look for 80s and sunny skies, here is sal. it doesn't look too foggy, also the morning commute looks good, let's go back to the desk. we are talking about a deadly shooting. it happened near 57th avenue about 1:00 and they found a man on the ground who had been shot
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several times. there had been shell casings. he was rushed to a hospital and we don't have any descriptions of any suspects. if you have information get in contact with oakland police. just getting this, police investigating an overnight, look at the scene. a person was shot at 11:00 last night at a type of reception held at freedom hall. so far police have given us few details and we have no information or any information about possible suspects. your time is now 5:29, an investigation after a man and woman were killed in a double shooting in contra costa. they were found before 5:30 on buchanan road and ventura drive. the man was pronounced dead at the scene and the woman was pronounced dead at the hospital. investigators have not yet
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released any information about that car. san leandro police are looking for the person they say stabbed a man who was trying to break up a fight between a man and woman. it happened on east 14th street near route park. they are now looking for the 19- year-old man they say is hype the violence. he was last seen wearing dark jacket jeans and a baseball hat. anybody with information is asked to call police. he was stabbed on his way to candle stick park. the man from elk grove was with five friends on the hardy way access road when two men approached the group. they pulled out a knife and stabbed the man in the abdomen. he was wearing a dallas cowboy shirt. police later arrested two suspects. time now 5:31, could the super bowl be coming back to
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the bay area. we may be running one of the biggest events in sports. joining us live, she is outside in santa clara, what do you hear jean mean -- jeanine? >> reporter: as you can see we are here at the 49ers headquarters and you can see construction behind me of the 1.2 billion dollars stadium. it is impressive how quickly this has gone up and this could be the site of a future super bowl. at some time the nfl is expected to announce which cities are willing to host the super bowl in 2016 and 2017. leaders have been working with the 49ers to put in a bid to host the game. if chosen they would reportedly have san francisco as the host city and have reports leading up to the game. there is still enough economic
5:33 am
benefits to go around. >> part of the san francisco bay region, it is a short few miles between us and they will clap rate -- collaborate on this. >> according to league rules, it can't host the super bowl until 2016. now the only previous super bowl as played in 1985. reporting live from santa clara. they caught the man walking into the underwater area last night. they were immediately stopped and officers walked through the tube found the man and arrested him. full service was restored at
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8:15 last night. testimony resumes this morning and the trial of giselle esteban, union city woman accused of killing nursing student michelle le. they heard a tape about it shortly after she disappeared. she is accused of killing her former friend and her body was found. they believe -- giselle esteban believed michelle le was involved with her ex-boyfriend. victims killed in the september 11th attacks they are invited to four different states in guantanamo bay in the last five attacks. the trials start today and relatives can watch on closed circuit television in massachusetts maryland new york city and new jersey and earlier hearings held in may ended in frustration because suspects
5:35 am
refused to cooperate with with court proceedings. a republican lawmaker -- lawmakers are accused of misleading the american public and the president's response is coming. early this morning, two california professors, one from stamford university won the nobel prize. he is affiliated with harvard and he is leaving there. and another is a professor at ucla. they are helping to make markets work more efficiently by better matching supply and demand. they are working to release right choice voting.
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if no candidate receives it, last place will be eliminating. and it left many people guessing where people's votes will go in a tight race. >> let's get you out the door. you are not in a fog about how the commute is going, are you? >> no, it is very clever though. we do have fog around the bay, and you will see them in some of these pictures. let's go outside and take a look at the golden gate bridge. you will drive into it and do not use the high beams. there are no major problems by the way if you are driving to doyle drive. let's look at the bay bridge, westbound traffic still looks light coming to the toll plaza area. traffic looks good on 101 and 280 and no major problems
5:37 am
getting to san francisco airport. it's still looking good except some slow traffic and 282 still looking good in general. >> are we the fog brothers, sal? >> we do have a lot of fog out there. once we get through this fog, so to speak some of the visibility is getting warmer. wednesday and thursday look to be an offshore breeze and temperatures will be coming up. not much of a breeze in fact fso and it is calm with flight delays. they are calm with santa rosa, maybe even less but there are areas that are getting thick on the fog. 50s on 0 the temperatures, so there is a much milder air mass but temperature have come up. everything stays to the north but it will be warmer this
5:38 am
week. maybe tuesday and after that it looks to be warmer as even some inland areas to maybe even some 90s. today it looks like 60s and 70s and even 80s and 90s. some of that fog tells us there is not much of a breeze. temperatures after that thick fog will be in the 60s and 70s and 80s. there is a jump and we should get rid of that fog but it will start to creep back in and be cooler. well a baseball bat is on the lines, the friendly wager between san francisco and st. louis. plus an update on this little girl shot by the taliban, what is happening to her now and how she is still being threatened. and walnut creek and oakland, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area whether. 3q
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. all right, welcome back, and good morning to you. here is a quick look at some of the top stories. oakland police searching -- are searching for suspects in a deadly overnight shooting which happened on 57th avenue. when police arrived a man was on the ground shot several times, 20 shell casings were found nearby. president barack obama will face a second debate at hofstra new york. this time the form malt is a town -- format is a town hall
5:42 am
format and voters will ask questions. and in game 2, last night giants lost to the st. louis cardinals and tonight's game will be at st. louis park, you can watch it all beginning at 4:30. that young pakistani girl shot in the head is being moved to i can land for -- england for treatment. she is wheeled out of a pakistani hospital for treatment. she will receive specialized care. she blogged girls should have the right to education and she is tar getted in that attack. >> u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three others were killed in gas i. -- ben goss
5:43 am
gas i. they knew it was terror related and not tied to american anti-protest. >> al qaeda has been dismantled... >> there is nobody who is more concerned and more interested in getting to the bottom of this than the president of the united states. he feels personally responsible for every representative he sends around the world. >> our time is now 5:42. senator or land specter is being remembered as somebody who spoke his mind even if his views were controversial. he died of non hodgkins lymphoma. he started out as a republican and switched to democrats in his final term. a public funeral is set for tomorrow in pennsylvania, a private burial is set for
5:44 am
later. senator or land specter was 82 years old. they said the number of deaths have reached 15. this outbreak is connected to steroid shots for back pain from a pharmacy in massachusetts. so far there is no word of infections here. firefighters in richmond think squatters are the reason for a fire. firefighters were able to put it out in 30 minutes but they say it did cause major damage. they found debris inside the home which leads them to believe squatters were inside. had later they will submit -- submit drawings which will be placed on the outer age of
5:45 am
30 to 32. they wanted to create the feelings open space and many are impressed with the design. now if the giants win, st. louis mayor will send toasted ravioli to san francisco and he will change his twitter picture to the logo of the giants and if the giants happen to lose, mayor ed lee will change his twitter picture to the cardinals -- cardinals logo and he will send food as well to st. louis. and on our channel 2 website, click on it and you will see all the video and pictures we have there and we want to see your giant's pride as well. sends your pictures to photos
5:46 am
at, you may see them on the air and we want to show them. >> changing your twitter account, that 0 would be difficult. good morning. i think there is fog all over the place which steve has been telling us and the fog seems to have improved on 80 westbound and we could see more than we could just a little while ago and 80 westbound is a little busy but not stop and go as you drive from richmond into oakland. we have a little more of a crowd, although you should not have any major delays. if you are driving southbound 680 traffic looks good. it is a nice looking drive and 80 to funnel looks -- funnel looks good. let's go to steve. again, it all dances around
5:47 am
and visibility can be lousy. clear skies, after that burns off, mostly sunny and it will be warmer this week. i tell you we could use some rain, widespread rain, that was just showers, warming trend kicks in and i think you will note -- notice it wednesday and thursday. all the way to santa rosa, oakland berkeley even concord, buchanan, 50s on the temperatures for most. and of course on the bay a little bit, we feel clouds coming in and high pressure is trying to build and that's squashing some fog banks. it will be mostly sunny but hazy skies and inland areas have been held down and they are trying to work back into the 80s. wednesday and thursday, we should have a little northeast
5:48 am
winds which means the coast will warm up as well. it does look like cooler weather will start to move back in. time is 5:47, they have filed a class action lawsuit against 12 of the world's major banks. they manipulated key interest rates making them more expensive than they should have been. it is the first class action lawsuit followed by homeowners. many homeowners could be involved in the lawsuit. if you have a rekindle you will be getting your money back. they will end jill -- eligible for credits for certain books bought between may of 2010 and april of this year. there will be no court approvals for this settlement. >> your mother and i are going
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to be taken... >> taken 2 is on top for the second week in a row. a liam nissan review is being given as well. they were also in the top 5. putting a spotlight on a man who mysteriously vanished pulled up information for being last seen on the golden gate bridge. and a man takes a death defying leap from outer space. all you have to do is like ktvu channel 2 morning news on facebook and you can enter to win and the winner will be announced sunday the 28th map
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and i became addicted to the fame. topped with chocolaty drizzle... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. fiber beyond recognition. . hazy sunshine, 60s and 70s and some low 80s. a bay area man who vanished will be featured today on a fox
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television show. the show missing will focus on the disappearance of jackson miller. he vanished may 15th 2010. his family said he suffered from depression and was last seen near the golden gate bridge. however surveillance footage does not show anybody jumping from the bridge that day. the show missing airs at 12:30 right after ktvu channel 2 morning news at noon. and there was a four hour standoff with police near alamo square yesterday morning. witnesses said a man firing gunshots nearby have run into that home. about 11:00 a.m. several people including four children left that house. police took one man in custody as a potential suspect. they say he didn't find any victims related to that gunfire. your time is 5:53, we learned the crash happened 8:40
5:54 am
yesterday morning. the woman lost control of her car veered off 1 so 1 and hit a -- 101 and hit a tree. investigators say it appears she was speeding but it's too early to say if drugs or alcohol played a role. and more on that capsized italian cruz cruise ship, he is partially responsible for causing that ship to sink because he sailed too close. they will decide if there is enough evidence for a criminal trial. and i unbelievable -- an unbelievable debt defying jump,
5:55 am
he broke the sound barrier when he jumped yesterday. it took 2. 5 hours to get up and only 9 minutes to get down. he reached speeds of 834 miles per hour. >> when you travel at that speed, with that suit presserrized you don't feel the air at all. >> he set records on you tube. reports show it unfold on the website and the last one happened when 7 million online viewers watched president barack obama's inauguration. >> please go on. >> i like it. you can tell us how highway 24 is going. >> i will tell you, right now
5:56 am
traffic on westbound 24 does not look bad. there are no major problems and you can tell, right here it's not foggy and a lot of cameras are fogged in. you just have to rely on some of our own data using maps. let's take a look at 880 in oakland and traffic looks good with no major problems. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, if you are driving through the middle at the fast track, if you do have fast track no maim problems getting to the bridge. if you are still crossing the bridge it toes not look bad and no trouble in contra costa. we want to show you the
5:57 am
dumbarton looks good and some of the fog steve has been telling us about, airports checking in only 15 minutes and as the morning wears on delays could get longer. check with your airport delay report and that will be coming up in just a bit. 5:57, let's go back to the desk. new information about what caused the chevron refinery fire. >> plus a fiery night in oakland, how the location of one of those crimes is linked to another violent incident earlier this month. we will have that impacted temperatures in just two
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